Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hair all buttoned up!

I spent some time yesterday with Kim from Milkybeer handmade at the Regina Cathedral Village Arts Festival street fair. We had a great time even though the cold, windy and cloudy weather didn't cooperate. (but that's quite the running joke for the CVAF to never have nice weather. )

Beside some quilts, cuddly bunnies, reversible dresses, cool coasters and mug rugs, comfy baby sleep sacks (and more!), Kim had some little fabric button elastics for sale. Oh my the cuteness! I got to take an orange pair home. And some tips from Kim. ;-)

So after stopping at my local fabric store, I picked up quite a few kits and made some on this cold rainy Sunday. What an awesome way to use my tiny scraps!! Oooh this could be addictive! (Kim had warned me!) How many fabric button elastics can a child have? Is there a limit?

L is delighted and so am I! Maybe I could even wear them too?

(L's hairband is from Lil Diva Designs. I bought it at the CVAF street fair. )

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Kim of Milkybeer Handmade said...

I am laughing so hard! I warned you!!!! They look great!