Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cushions to match, and a sweet tooth.

I've started three big cushions to match my living room Snapshots quilt. They will be 20 inches square. I'm using three left over blocks from my quilt. I intend to quilt them too. The outside fabric isn't my first choice. I would have much prefered to use the Joel Dewberry Aviary Sunburst one but I'm not sure I had enough for all the borders. But this will work.

I am piecing the back of the cushion covers with the scraps also from the Snapshot quilt. It was my first time using scraps and sewing them together without a pattern. So I just went ahead, making sure I would maximize my use of fabric.

Some scrappy scraps waiting to be sewn together.

And here we have two pieces that will be the back of one pillow cover. Not too complicated, but still cute and random. They are all different. I like that.

Do you know by now that I like this Joel Dewberry's Aviary Sunburst? .... no? Weird. I really thought I made that clear.... Well the binding will be made with... right, you guessed it. And it's all rolled up, ready to go. So neat.

I'm now basting the cushions to the batting and backing. But with many guests in my house (whom I'm very happy to see though), it's getting hard to find some time and space to baste.... So this project isn't coming along that fast.

So I spend more time in the kitchen. You know, entertaining my guests!
Would you care for some chocolate covered strawberries and cherries?
Oh my, so YUMMY!!!

I was going to use some of my own chocolate at home but I stumble upon this little box at Sobey's, right next to the strawberries.... How convenient (and so "marketing" I concur).

Anyway, I gave it a shot. At $2.99, I didn't have much to loose, did I? It worked pretty well and the whole box was enough for all the fruits in the plate (plus a little bit more eaten in the proces... who can blame me?) You just microwave the little chocolate waffers, give it a stir and voilà! you're ready to dip! Easy peasy yummy.

And last but not least, the PAVLOVA!
oh Heaven, Oh Goodness, Oh my oh my!
What is a pavlova would you ask? Here is a great recipe and some information too.
It is basically a thick meringue crust (that is crisp on the outside and soft and marshmallow-like on the inside). On top of that, you layer whipped cream and fresh fruits and berries.
Well thanks to my good friend Marlene, I've been introduced to it last summer and since then I've been making this consistently over the summer months. I would say.. once every two weeks?
Well no one here can resist it!


Kathy said...

Mmmmm, that pavlova you made last weekend was so yummy!!!! And it's got berries, so it's healthy for you, right?

Dawn said...

The chocolate dipped berries (and THOSE FABRICS!!) look DELICIOUS!

(found your blog via the Regina Moms group)