Thursday, July 23, 2009

Purses? done!

I finished the purses for Leeann and Amy. Aren't they cute?

Inside pockets, a big one and a cell phone double pocket too.

Here are Leeann's purses.

Two cute purses, sitting on the bench, next to each other.... They just look like a girl and boy version of each other....

Something else got done yesterday! (they finally came to paint the front door! hum, I waited what... two years almost?)

Isn't it just beautiful? It just ties the whole house together, with the front red bricks that we have. I'm super happy with it! (even if the colour isn't a perfect match, it works great by adding so much more life to the house!)

J'adore ma nouvelle porte orange brûlé!


Kathy said...

LOVE the new door!!! And the purses are awesome.

Alanne said...

I like your blog! I had no idea that you were so crafty.

Amy said...

I LOVE my purse!! Thanks again :). I like the new door too . . .even if it made me question if I was at the right house on tues ;)

Lila Tueller said...

Your house is very cute! Especially with that red door now! I also love the bags you made, and I want some of those chocolate fruits and the Pavlova! (I'll have to try to make it myself I guess) Glad you liked the cards...and your English is perfect!
I wish I could speak even a little French.
Thanks again for your help with the colorways!